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Moving societies, empowering economies for the digital world and enabling a lasting legacy.

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Ingenuity for life

Creating value towards a sustainable future for the Middle East

The Middle East is well known for its rich resources and the creativity of its people.


A perfect starting point for a bright future of sustainable growth leveraged through a diverse economy.




Ingenuity for life is technology paired with purpose - a powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, and responsibility. Our passion is to help society, companies and people work and live better through intelligent infrastructure, reliable transportation, sustainable energy and advanced manufacturing.

Sustainable energy

Reliable power supply

A growing economy depends on reliable power supply optimized for people, industry and the environment.

The demand for power is being pushed to the limits of local capacity. This is due to economic development, an upwardly growing mobile population, and an emerging manufacturing and industrial sector. Siemens energy solutions help to leverage this growth with extensive expertise in automation and digitalization.


The optimization of existing power generating plants is a very important part of the solution. Combined-cycle power plants offer high efficiency, reliability and operational flexibility.


Siemens has further developed performance upgrades for these already highly-efficient gas turbines to improve cooling, blade coating and combustion technology. Gas turbine optimization comprises Wet Compression technology. This is particularly effective in very hot and dry climates, as well as during periods of high humidity. A large variety of customized improvements and services for power plants include performance, maintenance and aspects relating to efficiency and load gradients. Responding to the individual needs of utilities and power plant owners, Siemens offers a portfolio that ranges from soft- to hardware solutions, from rotor flexibility packages to more options meeting the requirements of the future energy market.


In addition to abundant sunlight, there is also ample wind potential in the region. With steady winds and large open landscapes, some countries in the Middle East can utilize Siemens wind power technology to achieve a more sustainable energy mix.


Power distribution is another important factor in regards to reliable and efficient power supply. Siemens offers innovations for the most efficient transmission of power over long distances and overall power supply management. Digitalization technology in support of power distribution is also improving reliability, safety, and efficiency for all types of high, medium and low voltage applications, environments and facilities.


Our Totally Integrated Power solution comprises software and hardware systems that cover entire projects, from planning, analysis to implementation, operation through to maintenance.

Power Generation

Egypt Megaproject

By 2018, Siemens and Egypt will have advanced the history of this vibrant country. The partnership will start to boost power generation capacity by 50 percent to reach a total of 16.4 gigawatts.

What the Egypt Megaproject means for the entire region and its people


In Egypt, Siemens state of the art power generation technology under the Megaproject includes three 4.8 gigawatt turnkey Combined Cycle Power Plants, and 12 wind parks with approximately 600 wind turbines. Together, Egypt and Siemens are building a foundation for progress to unlock the country’s vast potential.

Siemens powerful energy mix system will underpin growth and economic development.




more capacity
in three years via
adding 14.4 GW

Up to


wind turbines

Oil and Gas

Automated Pipeline Solutions

Oil and gas remain the backbone of global energy supply. Operators need to employ the right technologies to ensure reliable and cost efficient production.

Oil and gas transport – efficient and reliable

Pipelines serve as major arteries for the beating heart of the Middle East economy. As such, these mega structures are the most efficient way to transport liquids and gas, and must function with absolute dependability. The best solution integrates pipeline operations for superior manageability, safety, reliability, efficiency and of course cost effectiveness, throughout their entire lifecycle. A key factor for cost reduction is energy efficiency. Operators also value the ease of operation that allows them to stay flexible, in line with market requirements.


www.vkifn.com.cnbines products and services and has the largest portfolio of integrated pipeline automation solutions. Offering industry-leading hardware and software solutions for liquid and gas pipelines, the latter being available for onshore as the SIMATIC WinCC SCADA system and the ever-reliable PCS-7 process control system, this is how Siemens ensures that pipeline operations can operate with maximum efficiency on land as well as in sub-sea applications. Installation, commissioning and maintenance – often at remote locations – are part of the offering as well as pipeline machinery and process packages to suit individual customer needs.


Learn more about Oil & Gas

Future of manufacturing

Faster and more flexible production

Digitalization is dramatically transforming manufacturing. Both “process” and “discrete” industries are benefitting from the seamless integration of data into product development, production and the supply chain. This helps manufacturers to respond quickly and flexibly to the specific needs of their customers.

Networked value chain – Strengthening manufacturing around the world


Industrial enterprises today face more intense competition than ever. And customers are demanding bespoke products, produced in short time, albeit made to a very high professional standard. In order to fulfill these expectations, manufacturers must produce goods flexibly, managing the entire process from ordering, product development and production to delivery.


Digitalization is putting manufacturing processes on a new track: Plants, products and machines will become more and more networked in an integrated value chain. The main challenges for discrete and process industry are the same: shorten time-to-market, increase flexibility and efficiency.


Siemens solution comprises the latest digital product development and production methods. Simatic? IT plans, optimizes and monitors production execution tasks safely through each step. This enables companies to significantly improve flexibility and speed, and thus increase customer satisfaction. Not to mention beat the competition.


Learn more about Future of Manufacturing

Increased efficiency


Industry is responsible for ? of the energy used worldwide.

Shorter time to market


The lifecycle of products has dropped by 25% in the last 15 years.

Enhanced flexibility


Over the past 15 years, the range of different products has more than doubled.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure for livable cities

Reliable transportation, energy, water, security - all are characteristics of places people love to live. Siemens offers solutions for the planning, creating and running of the modern infrastructure.

Working together – to provide an excellent quality of life in the Middle East


A functioning infrastructure is the backbone of cities and their economies. It provides mobility, energy, water, security, and a sense of contentment and well being for its people. To accomplish this, community administrators must take into account current as well as future demands in regards to infrastructure. Intelligent infrastructures ensure the well-organized and reliable delivery of these essential services to communities now and in the future.


Intelligent building management increases security and comfort through IT and automation. In addition it optimizes power supply and consumption in buildings.


Smart, integrated mobility solutions ensure high capacity utilization and availability – at a lower cost. It offers people convenience, safety and punctuality - important factors for quality of life.


For economies and cities in the Middle East, intelligent technologies are a fast and efficient way to optimize existing infrastructures. Siemens can help unlock this potential by providing innovative financing solutions.


Learn more about Intelligent Infrastructure

Cities make up
only 2%
our landscape,
but produce
of the world’s CO?

Siemens technologies
reduce C0?
and get
more people where they
need to go, on time

Traffic congestion wastes
3 billion
gallons of fuel &
4 billion

The Hesan Alkhaleej
intercity train will
withstand ambient
temperatures above
55 degrees


guarantees reliable
service even in a
challenging climate.

In 2030, approximately
of the global population
will be living in cities.

The Hesan Alkhaleej will
run on tracks meant for
heavy freight services,
which predominate in
the region.

More speed, luxury,
and convenience by
combining passenger
and freight services in a
mixed-use solution.

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